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Information for New Students

Missing Attachment

Documents to download

Once you have received your offer letter from Notre Dame and you have started your visa application, you will need to download, complete and return some forms:

You will also need to download your student handbook and initial timetable:

          • Before you travel

            You are now at the final stages of your journey but before you say goodbye to family and friends, there are a few important final preparations to bear in mind before you travel:

            It’s a good idea to make sure that you travel with the following:

            1. A valid passport with a valid visa
            2. Your offer letter from Notre Dame
            3. Certified copies of your academic qualifications, English proficiency etc
            4. Telephone numbers of the International Student Team (+44 296 6644) and the emergency mobile (+44 792 927 8382)
            5. Instructions on how you plan to get from your arrival point in the UK to your accommodation if you are not being collected.
            6. Your accommodation details, address and telephone number.
            7. There are plenty of ATM’s available but it is advisable to have some cash in small notes for your arrival. e.g. £5, £10, £20’s. £50 notes are often given out by currency exchange companies but they are not in common use. You do not want to try to buy a £1.20 bottle of water with a £50 note!

            Packing: what to bring to the UK

            1. Clothes
              There is no uniform at Notre Dame – students in the UK dress informally for classes. The weather in England can also be somewhat changeable, with a gloomy morning turning into a sunny day with high temperatures, and vice-versa. Temperatures in summer rarely go above 25°C and may go lower than -2°C in winter. You may want to consider a light waterproof coat,  and warm indoor clothes (t-shirts, sweatshirts/fleeces clothes that can be layered and are easy to keep clean (dry cleaning can be expensive).
            2. Appliances and electricity
              You do not need a laptop for the classroom, there are plenty of computers around college but you may wish to bring a laptop for home use. British voltage is 240 volts and appliances have a three pin plug. You can buy British appliances when you arrive if you prefer – they are quite reasonable (for example hair dryers cost around £10-20).
            3. Mobile Phones
              UK SIM cards are cheap and easy to buy and great for use within the UK. However calls to other countries using a local SIM are not! It will be much cheaper to stay in touch with home by using Skype, Viber or Whataapp.

            Top tips for travel

            • Photograph your passport and visa and email a copy to yourself,  that way you will always be able to access a copy from anywhere in the world
            • Before you fly, take a photograph of your luggage using your mobile phone. If the airline loses your luggage you can show someone what it looks like. This is especially useful if you are trying to communicate with someone in a language which is not your own!

            Checklist before you leave home

            The following website has a good checklist:

            Top tips for international students


            Culture shock and student life

            There is some useful information on ‘culture shock’ here for international students:

            This website provides an overview of student life in the UK: