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Accommodation & Welfare

Missing Attachment

You have several accommodation options available to you during your A Level studies. Your choice will depend on your age, the level of independence and support you and your family feel you need, your budget and your own preference. Whichever accommodation option you decide to take, we are here to help you with your choice and arrangements.

You can choose to stay in a family environment (this is called ‘homestay’), or if you prefer to live more independently you can stay in one of the many student halls of residence located near to both the city centre and the college, or perhaps you have relatives living in Leeds you prefer to stay with. Full details regarding these options is outlined below:

(1) Staying in a family environment

Costs £160 GBP per week

This includes:

  • Single study bedroom with a desk and chair, storage space for your clothes and belongings and a bed with bedding provided.
  • Bed, breakfast, evening meal plus a light lunch at the weekend. You will not have to share a bedroom, but you will share the family bathroom. The family will prepare your evening meals for you, provide you with breakfast throughout the week and in addition provide you with a light lunch on Saturday and Sunday. With the homestay option you will not have to go shopping for food.
  • General household bills e.g. gas, electricity but excluding telephone.

Most students find their homestay experience to be a very positive and rewarding one and there are many benefits of choosing home stay. Each homestay is different and therefore there is a degree of flexibility with this arrangement. You will normally not be able to choose your own homestay family, but your interests and preferences will be taken into account when matching you with a suitable family.

There are several reasons to choose homestay:

  • Language Immersion – a homestay situation can be very beneficial to learning a foreign language, since it provides an excellent chance to practise your new conversation skills and vocabulary in a friendly, informal setting. Since your host family probably do not speak your native language, you’ll be motivated to improve your language of study.
  • Convenience – a homestay situation makes getting settled in the UK relatively simple and inexpensive. You’ll have a furnished room, your clothes will be washed for you.  Your host family will prepare your evening meals for you, provide you with breakfast throughout the whole week and in addition provide you with a light lunch on Saturday and Sunday.  This means you won’t have to go shopping for food.  Your bills, such as water, electricity and gas are included in the homestay cost.
  • Culture – living with your homestay family will allow you to experience a lot of UK culture, even if you are only staying for a short length of time. You’ll be able to learn a lot from your hosts, and they will probably enjoy learning from you, as well. Also, your host family can help show you around the community, and may even arrange trips and activities for you, and give you their ‘local’ advice.
  • Safety – we recommend that students under 18 years of age stay with a homestay host. In the absence of a parent, and in a foreign country, it is reassuring for both your parents and ourselves, to know that there is some adult supervision out of college hours. However, many students under the age of 18 manage very well in halls of residence and there is the 24 hour emergency college helpline available.

If you would like more information about homestay, please download our frequently asked home stay questions:
Download Homestay FAQ

Or contact the international team directly.

Arranging a home stay – If you think homestay is the best option for you then please download the home stay application:

Download Accommodation Form

(2) Halls of residence

Costs from approximately £103 per week

This features:

  • Single Study bedroom
  • En-suite available
  • Shared kitchen where you cook your own meals
  • General household bills e.g. gas, electricity but excluding telephone
  • WiFi

Further information on the various Halls of Residence is available:
Student Halls of Residence Options in Leeds

(3) Staying with a relative, family friend or guardian

Some of you may not require homestay or halls of residence because you are in the fortunate position of being able to stay with a relative, a family friend or a guardian who already lives in the Leeds area. We need to know exactly who you are living with and what their relationship is to you. We must have written permission from your parents confirming the arrangement and instructions e.g. Are they are to act as your guardian in the absence of your parent? The Parental consent form IS1 includes a section about who you are living with in the UK.