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What Former Students Say

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“Notre Dame? It was awesome! I was elected onto the Student Senate and became the events co-ordinator. I organised things like Talent Shows and charity fund raising events. I made lots of UK friends. It was such a good experience.”
Katrina Chan

“I learned to communicate with others in a more mature way.”
Lai Kai Hang (Kevin)

“The teachers at Notre Dame are nice and helpful. It’s been a very enjoyable two years”
Tang Sin Yu (Cindy)

“Joining one of the many activities in college is the best way to really meet people and enter the community. I was involved in the Fairtrade activities and sports!”

“I really enjoyed being a student in Notre Dame. I got full support from the International Office.”
Lam Tze Fung

“I think we all grew up here”
Chung Hoi Ching

“Leeds is the best student city in the UK!”

“The teachers are helpful and extremely patient. Take advantage of being in Europe and travel. We went to Venice, Florence and Rome in Italy, Paris in France and even Iceland! ”
Letty Chan

“Enhancements were great, I did basketball and went skiing in Austria with the college. It was exciting and so much fun.”
Wong Hiu Long

“You learn much more than just what can be found by looking in books. I enjoyed everything – the environment, the friendly people and the opportunities.”
Wong Kiu Chun Kelvin

“Leeds is an amazing student city! I went to Leeds University after Notre Dame”
Nifemi Bello

“The staff here are friendly. My biology teacher always stopped to say hello and ask me how I was doing even after I left her class and was no longer her pupil!”
Cris Chen

“I had my viva yesterday and I passed my PhD so I’m very pleased and happy. This owes to the solid foundation built at Notre Dame and the dedication of my old teachers. Without Notre Dame, I wouldn’t be here today, so I believe this is a good time for me to once again say thanks for everything you have done during my time in Leeds.”
Nyein Chan, Burma

“The International team were always like friends to me and made me feel confident that my daughter would be fine!”
Mrs Chen (parent)

“We are so glad that we have found a caring college’
Parents of Notre Dame student

“The college was so helpful and always responded quickly. That is good when you are a parent and worried about your son or daughter’s safety”
Mr & Mrs Lui (Parents)