Coronavirus: Applicant Updates

Exams Cancelled? 

Don't worry, your place is still secure with us.

If you have applied to study with us in September, don't worry, your place is still secure! We will give you an offer subject to appropriate references.

What are appropriate references? 

We are still waiting for more information, but it could be we work with, for example, predicted grades from school. However, we don’t yet know this for definite and we are still waiting for further guidance. We will share any guidance with you once we have it. Please be assured that no matter what happens, there will be a place for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

I have applied but I haven't received an interview letter. What should I do?

Our Admissions Team are currently unable to send interview letters out due to the coronavirus. We have therefore decided to cancel all interviews for the foreseeable future. It is likely we will now offer you a place based on your references e.g. school reference and predicted/ mock grades. This will be finalised by the government in due course. We will update all applicants what the next steps will be once we are informed.

I haven't applied yet but I want to study at Notre Dame. Can I still apply now?

Yes, we are still accepting applications as normal. You should receive an email confirming you have successfully submitted an application. If you haven't received this email, please email where we will then confirm if you have successfully submitted an application. Please check your junk mailbox for the confirmation email. 

My interview was cancelled. Does this mean I won't get a place?

Absolutely not! Interviews have been postponed due to the coronavirus but this will not effect your chances of gaining a place with us. We are unable to conduct Skype or Zoom interviews so we will either interview you when the college reopens or enrol you without an interview based on your appropriate references. No matter what happens, your place to study with us is secure if your interview has been postponed.