Students Enjoy Trip to Granada

spanish trip 2017 edited

39 Notre Dame students headed to Spain over the Easter holidays, enjoying a visit to Granada as part of their A Level Spanish studies. The visitors stayed with host families in order to immerse themselves in Spanish culture and improve their language skills. It was a very successful trip, which the students thoroughly enjoyed.

Highlights included a 17 kilometre hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, travelling through a gorge on the river, salsa dancing and table football night. The students also attended lessons every morning at a superb Spanish school, where their language skills were really put to the test! The group also visited another Spanish secondary school where they were given a presentation about the education system in Spain and treated to a concert where the Spaniards really showed off their talents. Not to be outdone, our students were able to show off their own skills, with Kiera Carr playing the piano and a group performing a humorous dance to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’!

Beth Anderson, one of the visiting students described the visit as ‘the best trip ever!’ and Roisin Darley said, “It is the best way to practise your Spanish. There is nowhere to hide!”

Thank you to Chary Gonzales-Latham, teacher of Spanish, for organising the trip and the other members of staff who accompanied our students.

The students and staff are pictured in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.