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Mathematics and Further Maths

Subject Area: Mathematics
Level: TWO-YEAR A Level
Exam Board: AQA
Syllabus No:

What do I need to study this course?

For Mathematics you will need at least grade 6 GCSE Maths. Initially there will be a short period of induction where basic algebraic routines are covered. Results of the initial diagnostic will indicate the course on which you will be most successful.

For Further Maths you will need to enjoy maths and demonstrate a high level of commitment and aptitude for the subject by achieving highly at GCSE (at least a grade 8).

What will I study?



The work begins where GCSE finishes. Two-thirds of the content will be Pure Mathematics this includes algebra, graphical work, calculus, numerical methods and trigonometry. The other one –
third will be topics from Mechanics and Statistics. The focus will be on developing your mathematical skills including problem solving skills, proof, application and the connectivity.

AS Maths students, in summer 2018, will take two papers of 90 minutes duration:
Paper 1: Pure Maths and Mechanics.
Paper 2: Pure Maths and Statistics.

A level Maths, in summer 2019 you will sit 3 examination papers of 2 hours duration:
Paper 1: Pure Maths
Paper 2: Pure Maths and Mechanics.
Paper 3: Pure Maths and Statistics.

What is Further Mathematics?
This is a second Maths A level for those who really like their Mathematics! You need to be very committed and enthusiastic about the subject to embark upon the Further Maths course.
You will study two A levels and have twice as many lessons as students taking a single A level in Maths. It is an excellent preparation for any student considering a Maths related degree
subject. Half the topics are Further Pure Mathematics for the other half you have a choice: you select two from Mechanics, Statistics and Discrete.

What next?

A level Maths carries much status and is highly-valued. Related areas at university include Mathematics, Accountancy, Computing, Economics, Engineering, Physics, Statistics, Actuary and many, many others. Even if you do not wish to pursue the study of Maths further than AS or A level, these qualifications themselves are highly regarded by universities.