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Subject Area: Business
Level: TWO-YEAR A Level
Exam Board: Edexcel/Pearson
Syllabus No:

What do I need to study this course?

You will need to achieve a grade 4 in both GCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics.

What will I study?

Microeconomics – Scarcity and choice, how competitive markets work (Supply and demand) and market failure and Government intervention
Macroeconomics – economic policy objectives and indicators of macroeconomic performance, aggregate demand and aggregate supply, the application of policy instruments and economics in a global context

Microeconomics – competition and power in markets and the Labour Market
Macroeconomics – economic development, income distribution and welfare and globalisation
Themes in economics – putting theory into practice.

The course will help you develop a range of skills including your analytical, quantitative, questioning and reasoning abilities.

The subject is taught in context, with theory being related to real world issues wherever possible. The aim of the course is to encourage you to become enquiring, critical and thoughtful in your evaluation of issues and encourage you to “think like an economist”.

What next?

Economics opens doors to a large number of possible careers. It is viewed as an excellent grounding at either A level or graduate level for jobs in Marketing, Management, Accounting and Finance, or indeed any business-related career. Economics is extremely highly regarded both by employers and universities and is a well-respected base for almost any profession.