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Computer Science

Subject Area: ICT
Level: TWO-YEAR A Level
Exam Board: AQA
Syllabus No:

What do I need to study this course?

You need to achieve at least grade 6 in GCSE maths. Having studied GCSE computer science is not a requirement.

What will I study?

Computer science is a different subject to IT. You will learn how to think about problems in such a way that they can be potentially solved using an algorithm, how to construct algorithms, how to program a computer to automate them and how to write reliable and efficient code using industry standard best practises. You will have the opportunity to use the C# programming language.

You will learn the theory of how computers represent different types of data as binary numbers and the core programming concepts of sequence, selection, iteration and subroutines and the internal hardware components of a computer system and the fundamentals of digital electronics – logic gates and Boolean algebra and internetworking computer systems including the software and hardware components. You will develop practical programming skills.

You will learn advanced computational theory, including a number of classical algorithms for searching and sorting data and the techniques used to compare the efficiency of algorithms,
advanced programming techniques including the use of recursion and object-oriented programming and the limitations of computer systems for storing numbers in binary form and the trade-offs between different methods of representation.

You will undertake a substantial project (20% of final grade), which will involve the development of a bespoke application for a real-world context.

What next?

A level computer science is a good foundation for the higher study of a computer science degree, or any engineering or science based degree. This A level could lead to employment within the software development industry.