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Internal Retreat at Notre Dame

Missing Attachment

In March, Notre Dame upper sixth students found time for reflection, to ponder on a hope for the future or reflect on a lesson that life had taught them. In the beautiful space of the college chapel, with the sun streaming in through the windows, the students wrote down their thoughts and placed them around a sacred focus, making the most of this chance to take a moment to ‘be still’ and at peace.

As part of our mission and ethos, in line with the college’s mission to develop the whole person, in the week beginning 16th October, our L6 PTE students at Notre Dame had the opportunity to experience an internal retreat or reflection. These sessions were held in the college chapel with the kind support of Fr. Peter Kravos the Leeds Universities’ chaplain. The students enjoyed the chance to admire the beautiful and historic stain glass windows as well as reflect upon the values and virtues of our college community. At the end of each session the students were given the occasion to experience a taste of some silent meditation.