Fees & Living Costs

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The costs for studying in the UK consist of academic fees and living costs (accommodation and social costs).

Academic fees

Academic fees are £7,500 per year. The fees includes:

  • A Level tuition in the same classes as our UK students
  • A level examination fees for enrolled subjects (excludes re-sits)
  • Collection from Leeds Bradford Airport
  • English Support including IELTS preparation lessons
  • The use of textbooks (no need to buy expensive books)
  • Access to college facilities including the library, IT suite, printers, sports hall
  • College internet, email account and free Wifi hotspot
  • Expert guidance and support for UK university applications (UCAS) plus careers advice
  • Support groups such as O.C.R.E., the Law Academy, Medical link etc
  • Access to our dynamic enhancement programme
  • The services of the International Office
  • 24 hour emergency helpline

Living costs: accommodation costs

You have several accommodation options available to you during your A Level studies:

  • You can choose to stay in a family environment (this is called ‘home stay’ and costs £154 GBP per week)
  • Or if you prefer to live more independently you can stay in one of the many student halls of residence located near to both the city centre and the college (this costs approx. £95 per week)
  • Or perhaps you have relatives living in Leeds you prefer to stay with

Further information on these options is available on the Accommodation page.

Living costs: social costs

Social costs vary enormously depending on your lifestyle. You should consider the cost of food, lunches, transport, extra clothing, running a mobile telephone and entertainment. You may wish to use an online tool to help you calculate your costs in the UK international.studentcalculator.org.uk


To understand the price of food in the UK visit these websites: