Election fever takes hold!

Election 2017

In the run up to this week’s General Election, the Notre Dame Government and Politics department have been extremely busy organising visits and events.

The college has been very lucky to host a number of visiting politicians. Leeds Central Labour candidate Hilary Benn was one of our first visitors, followed by Conservative Party candidate Stuart Andrew and Labour’s Fabien Hamilton. Finally, Green Party candidate Ed Carlisle visited on the 25th of May. All of the politicians spoke to both students and staff about a number of issues and were asked some tricky questions!

Notre Dame has also held its own ‘mock’ election, with brave students Alfie Haley, Ben Robinson, Eliza Duckworth, Ellie Holden and Fabien Newton-Edgar standing as candidates. Not only did they present to fellow students in assemblies, they also took part in a lively hustings event. The student body took to the polls on the 18th of May and the results were as follows:

Labour – 312 votes

Green – 77 votes

Yorkshire Party – 55 votes

Conservative – 36 votes

Liberal Democrats – 20 votes

Everyone is looking forward to seeing how these compare to the national results on Thursday! Kevin Warnes, Government and Politics teacher thanks all the candidates and everyone else who helped out. “We hugely appreciate your energy, enthusiasm and commitment and look forward to seeing you all elected to the House of Commons!” he said.

Pictured is the scene in the “polling station” on mock election day.