Level 2 Courses

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What courses are available?

(a) GCSEs Level 2

You will already know how the system of grading operates for GCSE. It is hoped that most students will work towards a minimum of a grade C in both English and Mathematics. Students are able to follow different courses in Level 2 Numeracy and Literacy which are equivalent to GCSE Maths/English Language.

You may do a complete course (usually four or five) GCSEs or supplement two-year courses with one or two GCSEs. You may wish to resit subjects already taken or try something completely new.

GCSE Mathematics and English Language re-sits or Level 2 Numeracy or Literacy are possible regardless of subject combinations at all levels. You may wish to mix GCSEs with other certificated courses. Some students will also wish to mix A levels and GCSEs. Basically we aim to meet your particular needs and wishes. GCSEs availableĀ are likely to include: Maths, English, Core and Additional Science, Psychology, Sociology and Latin. BTEC Applied Science is also available.

(b) Literacy and Numeracy Level 1 & 2

These are national assessment tests and focus on practical applications of day-to-day use of Maths and English concepts. The courses are designed to give a fresh approach to students who did not enjoy or grasp the subjects during the GCSE course at High School.

(c) ESOLĀ Level 1 & 2

This course is for those students for whom English is not their first language.