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Principal Vacancy Further Information

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Information/documents for applicants:

0. List of information and documents for applicants Click here
1. Letter from the Chair of Governors Click here
2. Mission Statement Click here
3. Strategic Aims 2017/18 Click here
4. Background Information on the College Click here
5. Examination Results and Other Achievements Summer 2017 Click here
6. ALPS Strategic Overview 2016-17 Click here
7. Self-Assessment Report (SAR) 2016 Click here
8. SAR Quality Improvement Plan Update Click here
9. College Prospectus Click here
10. Ofsted Report 2008 Click here
11. Annual Report of the Corporation and the Financial Statements for Year Ending 31st July 2016 Click here
12. Pastoral Letter from Bishop Marcus 25 September 2016 Click here
13. Management Structure Click here
14. Corporation Structure Click here
15. Instrument and Articles of Government Click here
16. ‘Making your Application’ Click here
17. Post Description Click here
18. Person Specification Click here
19. Application Form Click here (pdf)  Click here (Word)