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Our Staff

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Senior Leadership Team

Principal: Justine Barlow

Vice Principal: Michaela Beardsall

Assistant Principals: Lindsay Brook, Lisa Guest

Director of Finance & Resources: Mark Shillito

Curriculum Area Managers: Sarah Barber, Lucy Johnson, Jim Robinson, Kirstie Kohling

Pastoral Managers: Sarah Dumont, Helen Pattison

Support Staff

PA to the Principal: Jenny Firn

Human Resources: Christine Murphy, Clara Steels

Attendance Officer: Paula Walton

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant: Tracy Wall

Student Support Manager: Deborah O’Connor

UCAS Co-ordinator: Susan Chapman

Achievement Support Tutors: Oliver Horton and Charlotte Duckitt

Administrative/MIS Assistant: Ann Page

Finance: Linda Owen (Manager), Paul Wainwright (Finance Assistant)

Marketing and Publicity: Richard Hall (Manager), Vicky Pointing (Co-ordinator)

Management Information Services: Simon Gill (MIS Manager), Helen Wainwright (Assistant Manager)

IT Services: Steve Wilson (IT Support Services & Network Manager), Linda Hemingway (Lead Technician), Omer Awad (Technician)

Examinations: Suzanne Browne JP (Examinations Manager), Lisa Catherall

Careers: Anna Dickinson (Careers Leader), Liz Crick, Vicky Pointing, Heather Taylor (Work Experience Coordinator), Mary Owoo (NCOP Progression Officer)

Library: Daniel Giddy (Library Manager)

Reprographics: Jacqueline Nugent (Manager)

Chaplain: Andrew Sullivan

College Counseller: Charlotte Anderton

International Students: Rose Lou (Director of International Students), Amanda Fenner, Simon Fox

Health and Safety: Lisa Catherall

Site Staff: Gary Milner (Site Manager), Andy Holmes, Roy Nugent, John McGovern

Cleaning Staff: Lesley Stead (Cleaner in Charge) and team


Teaching Departments

Applied Science: Chas Oldfield (Head of Department), Kate Caygill (Head of level 2 Science), Kay Mcleod (Head of Level 2 Science- maternity cover), Sarah Barber, John Coombes, Norbert De Mello, Helena Edwards, Neil Shepherd,

Art: Teresa Meehan (Head of Department), Paul Farago, Erin Hyde (Art Technician)

Biology: Susan Lowe (Head of Department), Joanna McPartlan, Neil Shepherd, Hannah Smith, Kuljinder Kaur, Sarah Barber, Victoria Kirton (Science Technician)

Business: Anthony Ryland (Head of Business Studies), James Mullowney (Head of Applied Business & Intermediate Business), Hilary Stansfeld, Francesca Ashton, Sarah Dumont, Aine Hardcastle, Julie Kavanagh, Elizabeth King, Nick Gough, Piyawan Khamman, Sarah Dawes

Chemistry:  Rachel Hodgetts (Head of Department), Chas Oldfield, John Coombes, Helena Edwards, Nicholas Sykes, Margaret Gray (Science Technician)

Classics: Angela Yates (Head of Department)

Computer Science & Information Technology: Steven Johnston (Head of Department), David Fletcher, Mary Pawson, Stephen Wood, Jamil Rafiq

Economics: Claire Jones (Head of Department), Sarah Dawes, Nick Gough, Piyawan Khamman

English: Julia Geddes (Head of Department), Mark Anderson, Sarah Birkett (Second in Department), Helen Ince, Kathryn Owen

Enhancing Excellence (Oxbridge & Russell Group Co-ordinator): Kitty Graham

Geography: Lisa Hotchkin (Head of Department), Richard Hurrell

Government and Politics: Allan Clifford (Head of Department), Kevin Warnes

Health and Social Care: Jennifer Thompson (Head of Department), Amy Harrison (Second in Department), Karen Blakeman, Lauren Browne, Meena Riyat, Sandra Webster, Joanna Naylor

History: Thomas Dixon (Head of Department), Sarah Glass, Marie Claire Keddie (Second in Department), Margaret Mulligan

Law: Nigel Briggs (Head of Department), Lesley Burke, Jayne Fry, Lisa Guest, Lydia Newman, Jim Robinson, Tom Sampson, Sarah Wickham

Learning Support: Victoria Tiffany (Head of Department), Christopher Cox, Rob Taylor (Learning Support Mentor), Janet Jarvis (Learning Support Mentor – Maternity Cover), Jessica Mais (Learning Support Mentor), Maryam Muneer (Learning Support Mentor), Kath Rodi (Learning Support Mentor), Neil Johnson (Learning Support Mentor)

Mathematics: Peter Grime (Head of Department), James Tillison (Second in Department), Julian Chapman, Beverley Farrar, Julie Fletcher, Lucy Johnson, Karl McGowan, Susan Steele

Media & Film Studies: Elisabeth Slee (Head of Department), Siobhan Ashburn, Alex McDonnell (Media & Marketing Technician)

Modern Foreign Languages: Margaret Chambers (Head of Department), Chary Gonzalez-Latham, Efrain Castro (Language Assistant), ­Anne Chevalier (Language Assistant)

Physics: Ian Windle (Head of Department), Chas Oldfield

Physical Education and Sport: Scott Broadley (Head of Department), Julie Kavanagh, Helen Pattison, Kirstie Kohling, Richard Feske (Basketball Coach)

Product Design: Ian Granger (Head of Department), Carol Sheward, Geoffrey Smith (Product Design Technician)

Psychology: Lisa Kirk (Head of Department), Lindsay Brook, Zoe Greenhow, Tom Humphreys, Jess McHugh, Clare O’Connor, Ruth Wynne

Religious Studies: Catherine Herring (Head of Department), Maria Coyle, Sherlita Gilliland, Margaret Stapylton (Acting Head of PTE Programme), Dennis Loughran, Caroline O’Neil, Peter Booth, Sarah Anteney

Sociology: Annie Townend (Head of Department), Vanessa Davis, Claire Finn, Victoria Gill, Julie Haddleton, Ruth Wynne

Theatre Studies: Graham Hamlyn (Head of Department), Helen McGinty, Greg Davis (Technician)