Our Staff

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Senior Management

Principal: Terry Coen

Vice Principals: Dominic Kelly, Simon Lett, Sue Reilly

Director of Finance & Resources: Mark Shillito

Curriculum Area Managers:

Michaela Beardsall, Graeme Brown, Lucy Johnson, Sajida Muneer

Pastoral Managers:

Theresa Ellul, Helen Pattison, Jim Robinson, Louise Swire

Board of Governors

Mrs Margaret Ramsden (Chair & Foundation Member), Mr Tony Britten (Foundation Member),Mr Barrie Morland (Foundation Member), Mr J Paul Casey (Foundation Member), Mr David Wright (Foundation Member), Mrs Agnes O’Malley (Foundation Member), Mr Damian McHugh (Foundation Member), Prof Freda Bridge (Foundation Member), Ms Anne Woliter (Foundation Member), Rev. Deacon David Arblaster (Foundation Member), Prof. Margaret House (Foundation Governor), Mr Terry Coen (Principal), Mr Jonathan Prashar (Parent), Ms Anna-Louise Case (Staff), Mr Jim Robinson (Staff), Mr Chris West (Co-opted), Mr Andrew Coverdale (Co-opted), Mr Mark Shillito (Clerk), Mr Ciaran Morrison (Student), Miss Freya McAndrew (Student).

Support Staff

PA to the Principal: Jenny Firn

Human Resources: Christine Murphy

Attendance Officer: Susan Taylor

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant: Paula Walton

Student Service & Enrolment Coordinator/Office Manager:
Deborah O’Connor

UCAS Coordinator: Susan Chapman

Administrative/MIS Assistant: Ann Page

Finance: June McWilliam, Lynn D’Arcy, Samina Munir

Marketing and Publicity: Jill Chamberlain (Co-ordinator)

Management Information Services:

Simon Gill (MIS Manager), Helen Wainwright (Assistant Manager)

IT Services:

Andrew Birch (IT Network Manager), Linda Hemingway (Lead Technician), Janine Thornhill, Patrick Frani,

Exams: Suzanne Browne, Lisa Catherall

Careers: Anna Geldart, Liz Crick

Library: Daniel Giddy (Library Manager), Karen Doyle (Library Assistant)

Reprographics: Diane March, ­­Jacqueline Nugent

Chaplains: Andrew Sullivan

Catholic Care (Counselling Service): Lorraine Yates

International Students: Rose Lou (Director of International Students), Amanda Fenner, Simon Fox

Health and Safety: Paul Graham

Site Staff: Gary Milner (Site Manager), Andy Holmes, Roy Nugent, David Smith

Cleaning Staff: Lesley Stead (Cleaner in Charge) and team

Social Area Supervisors: Anne-Marie O’Brien, Tracy Wall


Teaching Departments

Art: Teresa Meehan (Head of Department), Paul Farago, Martin White (Technician)

Biology: Sarah Barber (Head of Department), John Greenhalgh, Joanna McPartlan, Sue Reilly, Mike Shahid, Neil Shepherd, Hannah Smith, Kuljinder Kaur

Business: Anthony Ryland (Head of Business Studies), James Mullowney (Head of Applied Business), Hilary Stansfeld (Head of Intermediate Business), Francesca Ashton, Aine Hardcastle, Julie Kavanagh, Angela Rodgers

Chemistry: Helen Parkin (Head of Department), John Coombes, Helena Edwards (Head of Applied Science), Mary Legg, Nicholas Sykes, Victoria Kirton (Technician), Carol Sprzaczkowski (Technician)

Classics: Angela Yates (Head of Department), Penelope Beaumont

Computing: David Morgan (Head of Department)

Economics: Gerard Rodgers (Head of Department), Stephanie Clark, Sarah Dawes

English: Julia Geddes (Head of Department), Mark Anderson, Sarah Birkett, Christine Cox , Katharine Graham, Helen Ince, Anna Merrick, Kathryn Owen

Geography: Jon Parkin (Head of Department), Lisa Hotchkin

Government and Politics: Allan Clifford (Head of Department), Kevin Warnes

Health and Social Care: Hilary Ingram (Head of Department), Julie Haddleton, Avril Hughes, Margaret Pearce, Meena Riyat, Hollie Wyllie

History: Thomas Dixon (Head of Department), Sarah Glass, Marie Claire Keddie,  Margaret Mulligan, James Wainwright (Maternity Cover)

ICT: Robert Siekierkowski (Head of Department), Michael Crook, Steven Johnston, Mary Pawson, Damian Whitehouse

Law: Nigel Briggs (Head of Department), Leslie Burke, Jill Chamberlain, Jayne Fry, James Robinson

Learning Support: Victoria Power (Head of Department), Christopher Cox, Sarah Hinman, Fiona Lovelace, Christine Marshall, Symon Ramsay, Alan Stone

Mathematics: Beverley Farrar (Head of Department), Judith Brown,  Hannah Freeman, Claire Hennigan, Sean Jacques, Lucy Johnson, Olga Kuznetsova, Susan O’Callaghan ,Jonathan Spry, John Watson

Media & Film Studies: Elisabeth Slee (Head of Department),  Siobhan Ashburn, Helen Ince, Simon Lett, Ashley Carr (Technician)

Modern Foreign Languages: Margaret Chambers (Head of Department), Chary Gonzalez-Latham, Maria Robson (Language Assistant), ­Anne Chevalier (Language Assistant)

Oxbridge Co-ordinators: Kitty Graham, Penny Beaumont

Physics: Ian Windle (Head of Department), Richard Howland, Adam Hutchison

Physical Education and Sport: Scott Broadley (Head of Department), Jill Camm, Julie Kavanagh, Kerry O’Hara, Helen Pattison

Product Design: Ian Granger (Head of Department) David Sumpner , Arnold Appleyard (Technician),

Psychology: Howie Javed (Head of Department), Anna Louise Case, Zoe Greenhow, Tom Humphreys, Ruth Iredale, Clare O’Connor, Jess McHugh, Mick Lawes, Louise Swire

Religious Studies: Catherine Herring (Head of Department), Peter Smith (Head of PTE Programme), Margaret Stapylton (Assistant Co-ordinator of PTE), Sherlita Gilliland

Sociology: Steven Chapman (Head of Department), Theresa Ellul, Victoria Gill, Julie Haddleton, Ruth Iredale, Victoria Perrett, Hollie Wyllie

Theatre Studies: Rosemary Hamblyn (Head of Department), Graeme Brown, Paul Graham (Technician)