Our Staff

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Senior Management

Principal: Terry Coen

Vice Principals: Dominic Kelly, Simon Lett, Sue Reilly

Director of Finance & Resources: Mark Shillito

Curriculum Area Managers:

Michaela Beardsall, Graeme Brown, Lucy Johnson, Sajida Muneer

Pastoral Managers:

Theresa Ellul, Helen Pattison, Jim Robinson, Louise Swire

Board of Governors

Mrs Margaret Ramsden (Chair & Foundation Member), Mr Tony Britten (Foundation Member),Mr Barrie Morland (Foundation Member), Mr J Paul Casey (Foundation Member), Mr David Wright (Foundation Member), Mrs Agnes O’Malley (Foundation Member), Mr Damian McHugh (Foundation Member), Prof Freda Bridge (Foundation Member), Mr Theo Pinto-Fernandes (Foundation Member), Ms Anne Woliter (Foundation Member) Mr Terry Coen (Principal), Mr Jonathan Prashar (Parent), Ms Theresa Ellul (Staff), Mr Howie Javed (Staff), Mr Chris West (Co-opted), Mr Andrew Coverdale (Co-opted), Mr Mark Shillito (Clerk), Oluwatosin Babalola (Student Senate President).

Support Staff

PA to the Principal: Jenny Firn

Human Resources: Christine Murphy

Attendance Officer: Susan Taylor

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant: Paula Walton

Student Service & Enrolment Coordinator/Office Manager:
Deborah O’Connor

UCAS Coordinator: Susan Chapman

Administrative/MIS Assistant: Ann Page

Finance: June McWilliam, Lynn D’Arcy, Yvonne Boddie

Marketing and Publicity: Jill Chamberlain (Co-ordinator)

Management Information Services:

Simon Gill (MIS Manager), Helen Wainwright (Assistant Manager)

IT Services:

Andy Wright (IT Services Manager), Linda Hemingway (Lead Technician), Janine Thornhill, Patrick Frani,

Exams: Suzanne Browne, Lisa Catherall

Careers: Anna Geldart, Liz Crick

Library: Daniel Giddy (Library Manager), Karen Doyle (Library Assistant)

Reprographics: Diane March, ­­Jacqueline Nugent

Chaplains: Andrew Sullivan

Catholic Care (Counselling Service): Lorraine Yates

International Students: Rose Lou (Director of International Students), Amanda Fenner, Simon Fox

Health and Safety: Paul Graham

Site Staff: Gary Milner (Site Manager), Andy Holmes, Roy Nugent, David Smith

Cleaning Staff: Lesley Stead (Cleaner in Charge) and team

Social Area Supervisors: Anne-Marie O’Brien, Tracy Wall


Teaching Departments

Art: Teresa Meehan (Head of Department), Paul Farago, Martin White (Technician)

Biology: Sarah Barber (Head of Department), John Greenhalgh, Joanna McPartlan, Sue Reilly, Mike Shahid, Neil Shepherd, Hannah Smith, Kuljinder Kaur

Business: Anthony Ryland (Head of Business Studies), James Mullowney (Head of Applied Business), Hilary Stansfeld (Head of Intermediate Business), Francesca Ashton, Aine Hardcastle, Julie Kavanagh, Angela Rodgers

Chemistry: Helen Parkin (Head of Department), John Coombes, Helena Edwards (Head of Applied Science), Mary Legg, Nicholas Sykes, Victoria Kirton (Technician), Carol Sprzaczkowski (Technician)

Classics: Angela Yates (Head of Department), Penelope Beaumont

Computing: David Morgan (Head of Department)

Economics: Gerard Rodgers (Head of Department), Stephanie Clark, Sarah Dawes

English: Julia Geddes (Head of Department), Mark Anderson, Sarah Birkett, Christine Cox , Katharine Graham, Helen Ince, Anna Merrick, Kathryn Owen

Geography: Jon Parkin (Teacher in Charge of Geography), Lisa Hotchkin

Government and Politics: Allan Clifford (Head of Department), Kevin Warnes

Health and Social Care: Hilary Ingram (Head of Department), Julie Haddleton, Avril Hughes, Margaret Pearce, Meena Riyat, Hollie Wyllie

History: Thomas Dixon (Head of Department), Sarah Glass, Marie Claire Keddie,  Margaret Mulligan, James Wainwright (Maternity Cover)

ICT: Robert Siekierkowski (Head of Department), Michael Crook, Steven Johnston, Mary Pawson, Damian Whitehouse

Law: Nigel Briggs (Head of Department), Leslie Burke, Jill Chamberlain, Jayne Fry, James Robinson

Learning Support: Victoria Power (Head of Department), Christopher Cox, Sarah Hinman, Fiona Lovelace, Christine Marshall, Symon Ramsay, Alan Stone

Mathematics: Beverley Farrar (Head of Department), Judith Brown,  Hannah Freeman, Claire Hennigan, Sean Jacques, Lucy Johnson, Olga Kuznetsova, Susan O’Callaghan ,Jonathan Spry, John Watson

Media & Film Studies: Elisabeth Slee (Head of Department),  Siobhan Ashburn, Helen Ince, Simon Lett, Ashley Carr (Technician)

Modern Foreign Languages: Margaret Chambers (Head of Department), Chary Gonzalez-Latham, Maria Robson (Language Assistant), ­Anne Chevalier (Language Assistant)

Oxbridge Co-ordinators: Kitty Graham, Penny Beaumont

Physics: Ian Windle (Head of Department), Richard Howland, Adam Hutchison

Physical Education and Sport: Scott Broadley (Head of Department), Jill Camm, Julie Kavanagh, Kerry O’Hara, Helen Pattison

Product Design: Ian Granger (Teacher in Charge of Product Design) David Sumpner , Arnold Appleyard (Technician),

Psychology: Howie Javed (Head of Department), Anna Louise Case, Zoe Greenhow, Tom Humphreys, Ruth Iredale, Clare O’Connor, Jess McHugh, Mick Lawes, Louise Swire

Religious Studies: Catherine Herring (Teacher in Charge of Religious Studies), Peter Smith (Head of PTE Programme), Margaret Stapylton (Assistant Co-ordinator of PTE), Megan Daniel, Sherlita Gilliland

Sociology: Steven Chapman (Head of Department), Theresa Ellul, Victoria Gill, Julie Haddleton, Ruth Iredale, Victoria Perrett, Hollie Wyllie

Theatre Studies: Rosemary Hamblyn (Head of Department), Graeme Brown, Paul Graham (Technician)